Can I suppress "Courier Fetch" warnings?


I have a process that run and indexes documents into timestamped indexes in elasticsearch.
Each morning the process creates the (empty) index for the next day (so that it already exists when the day rolls over).

This means that there is always an empty index for tomorrow , which is fine and expected by my system , however Kibana4 keeps popping up "Courier Fetch: x of y shards failed" because of it.

Is there any way for me to suppress that (and possibly all other) warnings ? Its confusing to the users who thinks something is wrong , and frankly rather irritating when the messages keeps popping up and disappearing (my dashboard is on auto refresh) , causing the screen to shift down and up.

No there isn't because how can it know if that is intentional or because of underlying issues in the ES cluster?

Why not alter your job to only run closer to the roll over period?


Yes, I suppose I can alter my process - I just wondered if there was maybe a flag somewhere to suppress warnings - similar to what you can do with a compiler.

Unfortunately there's not.