Courier Fetch of 2 of 380 shards failed

(MJay) #1

Seeing the message like Courier Fetch of 2 of 380 shards failed.

When this message shows up, so that relevant configuration at eleaticsearch/kibana can be set?

(Bhavya R M) #2


This is mostly an elasticsearch error. And there are multiple reasons for it.
I did a search on this forum and here are the discussion posts:
Can you check these out and also give us more details on the conditions where you are seeing this error?

In Kibana - if you have scripted fields for any index patterns, they could also be a cause for this error.


(MJay) #3

No We don't have any scripted fields.

(MJay) #4

I see this error when the number of shards increases as we have the time series index.

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