Can i update built-in Vega version 3.3.1 to 4.4.0 manually?

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Hi. im using kibana 6.4.1, and this version using vega 3.3.1 by default.

vega 4.4 was released and i need this version's new feature.

can i update built-in vega version to 4.4 manually??

if i can do this, how update this?? is there any manuals??

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Hi there, we don't recommend upgrading build dependencies unless you're confident that the newer version won't break any functionality. If this is something you'd like to do, you can fork Kibana and make changes to the vega dependencies in package.json. This process will probably involve a lot of investigation of the codebase and a careful, methodical approach to ensure nothing is broken. See our contributing docs for guidance on how to get started. I'm not familiar with the vega dependencies, but feel free to ask questions on the forum as you delve into this and run into issues.


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thx for your response.

it looks like hard to try..

i will wait for update the version of built-in vega in Kibana to 4.4.

is this update will be proceed? if yes, when??

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Hi there, please follow for updates. Feel free to chime in too, if you have anything to add!


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thank you :smiley:

i will observe this issue

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