How to upgrade Vega version 4.3.0 to 5.13.0?

I'm using Elasticsearch and Kibana version 7.6.1 which we just upgraded from v.7.6.0 last month.

At that time, Vega version was still v.4.3.0 but v.5.13.0 has been released earlier this month. So I want to use the latest version of Vega and not sure how to update it.

Should I update the same Elasticsearch and Kibana version again to update the Vega version?

I have not personally done this, but it appears it's possible to define a different version of Vega:

Looks like it will come out in a future version. Just need to wait.

I believe it was backported to Elasticsearch version 7.x, so that I may check if I can use latest Vega version in Elasticsearch version 7.6.1.

I don't know if I understand you. The exact backport which is linked as well is like mentioned already this one which was merged 2 days ago.

Looking at the releases dates 7.6.1 came out on March 4th.

So this PR cannot be in 7.6.1. Like Aaron said, just be patient, there is no existing release that has Vega 5 up to now. If you want to use it, feel free to checkout the master branch or 7.x branch and compile Kibana and spin up a development version of kibana

Thank you for your info.
I will wait until next version comes.

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