Vega Plugin Unavailable for 6.0.0?

Hi Team,

I'm trying to install Vega plugin for my Kibana (version- 6.0.0) but I find that there is no suitable plugin Vega plugin version for the same.

Unfortunately, i see 6.0.1 Vega version not working for Kibana 6.0.0. I have checked most of the tags but in vain.

Is there no support for Vega in Kibana 6.0.0. Please clarify.


@nyuriks Could you help out with this one, please?

Updated dependencies and released. See

Hi @nyuriks, thanks for the link.

We are observing the below error when installing the plug-in. Kindly help.


Method followed to install -

kibana-plugin install file:///D:/ELK/kibana/bin/


@sahadevgd I suspect this might be related to something else. I just installed it locally from global link (I will try it on Windows later when I have access to it). Could you try this: Download fresh copy of Kibana & ES v6.0.0 to your own machine, and try installing it directly from the web? Also, I wonder if it's related to this issue

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