Can i update eui in my kibana?

hi team,
i use Kibana 6.7 and developing apps there, so i have eui 6.10.8. Official docs has Elastic UI version 16.0.1 . So can i update my eui up to 16.0.1 in kibana 6.7 to use it for developing?

P.S updating Kibana to last version is not possible right now for me.

Hi @masterThomas
Updating the Kibana EUI package is not possible because the there are breaking changes between the two versions that will break your current Kibana build.

thanks for the answer. So how can i find a past code of React components ? I mean official docs has latest version and i m not sure what components can be used in my version of Kibana.

The only way I know, is to clone the EUI repo, and checkout the 6.10.8 branch
Than you can run

$ yarn
$ yarn start

and this will start the documentation with all the available components at: http://localhost:8030

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