How to build kibana with local eui repository?

I am using Kibana 6.8.0 version and I am using elastic/eui 6.10.6 with kibana. I have cloned the elastic/eui repository and I am using "@elastic/eui": "link:<eui repo path> inside package.json file for local development. It's easy to make changes from eui for development purposes.

But when I want to build the kibana using yarn build command, I don't know how to integrate local eui in my build package.

Can anyone help me with this?

Are you using actual yarn link? Or directly referencing the path in your package?

One thing you'll need to make sure is that you actually BUILD eui before you perform this link. Within a cloned EUI make sure to yarn build within EUI first to compile a package.

I've never tried to build Kibana itself when pointing to a local version of EUI, but it should be possible. Remember that their are multiple package.json files pointing to EUI within Kibana so make sure to touch all of them.

Thanks. I am referencing yarn link for pointing eui package in package.json file and I got your point. I will try it.

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