Can i use http communication in ccs (remote cluster)?


I'm asking this question because I don't know much even if I read the official document.

  1. What is the difference between sniff mode and proxy mode in the remote cluster?
  2. Does remote cluster connection only support tcp communication?
  3. Can't I use http communication in sniff mode or proxy mode?
    Is hppt communication only used in restapi and not in remote clusters?

finnaly, I want to configure ccs to calculate statistics from another region distributed from one region.
However, in each area, only ports for http are open, so the remote cluster must be configured with http communication.
Is this possible?

It is not possible for use HTTP for CCS.
It always uses the transport protocol which is the same protocol nodes use to connect to one another within a cluster.

If you have firewalls between regions they will need to be configured to allow transport protocol through.


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