Documentation to link remote clusters using proxy

Hello everyone,

From the the release note :

With Elasticsearch 7.6, a proxy can now be used between clusters for both CCR and CCS. This means fewer ports need to be opened between Elasticsearch clusters when a proxy is used for managing all connections between the clusters. This simplifies the setup for IT professionals and helps keep your security team happy.

The linked Github issue above is unclear (at least for me), and when I try to find "proxy" in 7.6.0 remote clusters documentation I can't find any occurence, it seems that the documentation is not yet updated according to the Github issue.

I don't know where to begin to implement this. I have two clusters (localcluster_1 and remotecluster_2) on different locations running on Kubernetes deployed with ECK. Working fine.

  • What are the steps to link localcluster_1 to remotecluster_2 ? I guess the most important configuration part is taking place on remotecluster_2. elasticsearch.yml welcome !
  • Is 9300 the only port to open on remotecluster_2 ?

Feel free to ask me any information/precision.

Ah, the classic // TODO docs problem :slight_smile: Please feel free to add a comment to the Github issue linked in your post regarding this.

Thank you David, yes we all know this classic problem ! Docs aren't the priority in our IT world, so many things to do everytime and everywhere :slight_smile:

I've added a comment in the Github issue.

We have a draft documenting this for the next ECK release here

This documents the setup for two Elasticsearch clusters hosted in different Kubernetes clusters.


Thank you Peter ! That documentation seems perfect, I'll give it a try tomorrow and will give you my feedback.

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