Can i visualize a tag cloud for specific document?

what i mean is:
say i have one document with alot of text.
i want to visualize a tag cloud with the words from the text
with count metric.
i know i can visualize a tag cloud for a specific index. but can i do it per document in that index?
if so, how?

If I well understand what you mean , you might use filterers, or paste some example for more explanation ,

Say i have an index named test-*
And in that index i have some documents.
Say one of the documents has the text:
Elastic is very elastic.

Iwant to create a tag cloud specifcly for that document in which the word elastic will be bigger since it has two occurrences.

Normaly if you create a tag cloud for test-*, then it counts how many documents have the word elastic which in thia vase is one.

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