Can include sub-configuration


There is filebeat & metricbeat in my machine. Some configuration is same in these yml file, like output elasticsearch or some customize fields.

Can I write the same things in a config-file, and then include it in others?

There is no 'include' support in beats config files. But you can specify multiple configuration files by using -c multiple times. Like filebeat -c /etc/filebeat/filebeat.yml -c /etc/beats/output.yml ....

Per beats settings are 'namespaced' If fields/tags/processors and outputs are exactly the same, you can even put all settings into one configuration file. Filebeat/Metricbeat 6.0 even supports loading modules from other directories.





Filebeat will ignore the metricbeat namespace when loading.

Thanks a lot.

I run the beats as a service in linux. How can I set the configure file for it?

And can change the default configure file settings in the 6.0 version?

The problem is resolved.

I modify the service file, change the args.

Thank you.

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