Can it replace Prometheus?

I use Prometheus to gather k8s' resources. The resource data pipeline is as follows. k8s -> Prometheus -> Java app -> Elasticsearch -> (search) Java app

Here I have a question. Why use Prometheus? Wouldn't Prometheus not be necessary if it was stored in DB like me?

What is the most reasonable way to send k8s' resources directly to Elasticsearch?

Metricbeat has a Kubernetes module. Which can replace ingesting Kubernetes metrics from Prometheus and go directly into Elasticsearch.

Note: If you have custom apps already instrumented for Prometheus, then you can also leverage the Prometheus module or Openmetrics module.

One thing I will say is, currently the way Elasticsearch stores data compared to Prometheus, you'll see more data usage in Elasticsearch than you will in Prometheus. I believe Elastic is working on a TSDB implementation, which in theory should help close this gap though.

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