How to retrieve metric data from prometheus

I would like to visualize data from a prometheus server in kibana, any idea how to do it?
I tried to use the module of metricbeat called prometheus, but this looks like is just monitoring the service, it doesn't give me much more.
Any hint would be appreciated

I don't know prometheus, but Kibana will only display data in Elasticsearch. So you will need to look at extracting data from prometheus into Elasticsearch somehow.

I thought that the prometheus module in metricbeat was doing that, but looks like I need to do something more

You may also be able to use Grafana, which I believe can connect to both Elasticsearch and Prometheus.

We are using Grafana indeed, what I want to do is to create a proof of concept the same thing can be achieved in kibana. All data is in Prometheus but once I show it is possible I can start replacing naglios with filebeat and metricbeat.
The reason being is that grafana can't handle text logs and I want to correlate them with metrics

Ok. Then you will need to start feeding the data that is stored in Prometheus into Elasticsearch. Metricbeat might be able to help you there.

I believe that what you need is described in these articles:

You may want to use metricbeat with module prometheus, metricsets remote_write and query.

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