Scrap data from Prometeus into Kibana/X.Pack

I have an existing Prometheus with many metrics and would like to push them into kibana for some ML analysis. I installed the MetricBeats and added the Prometheus plugin but I only see the metrics of the Prometheus server itself and NOT all the metrics. I tried soem googling on that issue without much success...
How can I import a specific set of metrics from a running Prometheus into Kibana ?

I do not think there is any Beat available for exporting metrics from Prometheus. If you can find a tool to export the data to disk (I am not familiar with the Prometheus eco-system), you could use Logstash (or Filebeat and an ingest node pipeline) to ingest the data into Elasticsearch.

Never tried it myself but I think prombeat does that: And there is also prometheusbeat from the community which could be helpful for you:

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Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!

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