Can Kibana 4 be installed alongside Kibana 3?

We have an existing Kibana 3 installation in production with a lot of data being gathered. I would like to install Kibana 4 to take advantage of some new features, but I don't want to break what we already have and I don't want to upgrade until all the people involved are ready. Can I install Kibana 4 and have both it and Kibana 3 running simultaneously on the same server? Or do I need to set up a new test box for this?


Yes! There's no reason you cannot do this.

We're in a similar situation; We make heavy use of the features in Kibana 3 that appear to be missing from Kibana 4. e.g. altering the colours of the charts, setting the scale of graphs, multiple queries per graph (i.e. 1 query is one line on a graph, a second query is a second line, etc.) but there are a couple of features in Kibana 4 that we'd like to use such as dashboards.

I was under the impression that Kibana 3 and Kibana 4 can co-exist as long as your ES cluster is version 1.4, but this limits some of the new features being available such as watcher.

Is this true, or does Kibana 3 work on an ES 1.5 cluster too?


I'm also interested in this.

I'm the OP, and we're now running Kibana 3 & 4 side-by-side. The word we have from Elastic support is that Kibana 3 will not work with ES 1.5. We are planning to upgrade to ES 1.5, so we are now in the process of migrating our existing Kibana 3 dashboards to Kibana 4.