Can not get Kibana->Management-> Security section

I am just starting with ELK.

I have basic license on prem and elastic search and kibana versions is 7.6.1

I performed the flowing steps:

  1. Enable security in elasticseach.yml --> true
  2. Generate the passwords via bin/elasticsearch-setup-password auto
  3. Add generated kibana user /password to the kibana keystore via bin/kibana-keystore add elasticsearch.username ; bin/kibana-keystore add elasticsearch.password;
  4. Now I am able to login to Kiban based on generated users/passwords but after login, with e.g. elastic user I am not able to see the Security sub-section under the Management section

Please suggest me how to proceed, in order to be able to see the Security section in Kibana

Hi @Gvantsa, welcome to the discussion boards.

I haven't seen this particular issue before. Would you be able to inspect your browser's dev tools when loading the Management screen, to see if there are any errors reflected?

If not, then we may need copies of your yml files as well as debug logs from Kibana (set logging.verbose: true in your kibana.yml) to diagnose further.

Hi @Larry_Gregory and thanks for you response!

There is no error on Dev Tools. Also I would like to mention that, I am not able to log out from kibana UI, but I have no problems to call e.g. User API form Dev Tools

So I will share kibana.yml "" "SOF-ELK®"
kibana.defaultAppId: "dashboard/6d272a20-7319-11e8-9f32-cf7527ac183d"
elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 300000
elasticsearch.shardTimeout: 90000 false
xpack.telemetry.enabled: false
logging.verbose: true
logging.dest: /var/log/kibana.log

And Elasticsearch.yml /var/lib/elasticsearch
path.logs: /var/log/elasticsearch
xpack.license.self_generated.type: basic true
discovery.type: single-node

I left fasle in kibana.yml and that was a problem. Now it works

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