Can not run Kibana

Hi There
I cannot find instructions on how to set the yml file. I have the files extracted on Windows 7. What should I do in order to run Kibana? Can you refer me to the appropriate section in a document?
Or just let me know simply the steps :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, I found the configuration guide. I uncommented the relevant lines. But the server doesn't working. I get errors after the localhost:9200 line.. Can I use another port here?

Please post any errors you are seeing.

As you told you are facing problem to run kibana but you are accessing localhost:9200.
but it is elasticsearch server's port configuration.
Are you also facing issue with elasticsearch ?
as per your post i am understanding that your elasticsearch is not running that's why problem with kibana also.
for this share your elasticsearch logs also and which version you are working on?

Can I use another port here?
You acn customize port for elasticsearch and kibana also by editing yml file for both(default port for elasticsearch is 9200 and kibana :5601)

(I also replied to the email)
Hi There
Thanks for getting back.. Now I can run Kibana and Elasticsearch servers. I run the localhost:5601 of kibana.
However I don't know how to define indexes 

What I want to do (in the initial phase) is to upload csv files to kibana, probably via elasticsearch. But I don’t have any GUI for elasticsearch.
How can I reach this goal?

Hi @sophir

In elasticsearch , All logs are coming into elasticsearch in the form of indexes.
You can fetch the logs using logstash and that logs form index in elasticsearch and that also will be visible on kibana .
Also you can create your own index in elasticsearch follow the below link:

As Kibana fetch all stored indexed into elasticsearch. for uploading csv file to kibana for thsi you have to firstly import it in elasticsearch after that you can visualize it into kibana.
for uploading csv file in elasticsearch firstly you fetc it using logstash like:

input {
file {
path => ["xxx.csv"]
start_position => "beginning"

For elasticsearch GUI you can install elasticsearch head plugin.
you can install it via following command:
sudo elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head

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