Can saved objects be read-only?


I am looking for a way to make some of the saved objects(dashboard, visualization, etc) in a space to be read-only so those saved objects can not be edited by the user. The user has multiple dashbards and visualizations in the space. Most of the dashboards and visualizations should be editable but some of them I'd like to make them read-only. The user have all permission for dashboard, visualization from feature level.

From the Kibana saved objects page, I can see the canvas templates seems always not editable even user has all permission for the feature. Is that possible to limit the permission for other types, like dashboard, visualization for the user? if it is possible, please advise how. Thanks!

Hi @south,

Right now you can only do that on the entire Space level. That means until we get Object Level Security, you may need to move objects that need to be read-only to a dedicated Space and give user a read-only access to it.


Thanks @azasypkin. It is really helpful.

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