Access control of Kibana saved objects, e.g. search/visualization/dashboard

I don't find a trivial answer, thus giving it a try here.

My scenarios are typical: I want to share a Kibana search/visualization/dashboard object with my colleagues, but they should have read-only access to these objects.

I am a paid customer to cloud.

Any link to how to do this?



Hi Tiger,

Generally when a user has read/write privilege to the .kibana index which stores saved objects, they have read/write privilege to any document in the index. If your colleagues only require read access and you want them to be able to read certain documents, I hear that some groups have been able to use the Document Level Security feature to create roles with restricted access to certain documents:

You may have not found a trivial answer on this subject because this is where Kibana needs to have a layer of security on top of what is provided by the Elasticsearch capabilities. It's part of the Kibana platform currently being worked on with the Spaces feature:

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