Read only searches for other users

Hello, everybody!!

Does anybody know if it is possible to lock a saved search, a visualization, etc., for other users to be able to see the results but not change the filters and overwrite it?

We are a lot of people using kibana in my organization and everybody can overwrite any saved search, and sometimes it causes problems.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @afuente

Currently on Kibana we don't have the ability to provide object level permissions.

The best I can think of right now is Spaces that will allow you to separate some of that data you don't want modified into a given space and then define a set of read only permissions on it.


Hi, @tiagocosta!

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Do you know if it is a topic that will be taken care of? Or isn´t it even being considered?

@afuente as far as I know Spaces is the only option we have on this for now.


Ok, thanks a lot @tiagocosta


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