Any way to lock searches/visualizations/dashboards from changes

Is there any way that we can control which searches/etc. that our users can edit?

Our whole department have access to Kibana, and thus can edit/save/delete any of our searches/vizualizations/dashboards, which could be problematic.

We want people to use it, and will make some standard searches that we use daily, but also let the users make their own as they see fit.

But I don't really see a way to make sure that one of our standard ones get edited by accident.

I would have been nice to a distiction between public searches (which only one or two can edit) and private searches (which only the user can see/edit). It would also keep the search list from getting cluttered.

If you're using x-pack dashboard only mode is one option, ref. Kibana spaces is our next iteration of this, released at some point in the future, more info here. That is also only in x-pack. With open source Kibana options are limited, and I do agree that would be a nice distinction. The best I can think of is regular backups, and possible restores, which isn't too helpful (sorry).

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