Is there a way to prevent user from deleting saved Searches/Visualizations/Dashboards?

I'm playing with users permissions on ELK5.4 with X-Pack.
As far as I see, every user which can use Kibana ("kibana_user" role) is able to delete any search/visualization/dashboard.
I'd like to see two features, 1st is must IMHO and 2nd is pretty important too:

  1. to have read-only Kibana users
  2. to have Kibana users which are able to create Searches/Visualizations/Dashboards, and delete their own objects.

Did I miss something and this is doable in ELK5.4 or I should open feature request?

UPDATE: the first goal (read-only Kibana user) seems be doable by cloning and tweaking "kibana_user" role.


As for #2, Kibana does not support object level security at the moment.

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