Kibana dashboard, permission to saved search

I have a problem with permissions and Kibana dashboards. In short:
I have a dashboard to which I have added a saved search with some selected fields.
I have created a role that have read access to the index. A user is given the kibana_dashboard_only_user role and the role for index access. When logged in as the user, I can se visualizations but the panel with the saved search is empty. If I remove the kibana_dashboard_only_user role, the saved search is visible.

Is this the expected behaviour, i.e. does the kibana_dashboard_only_user role prevent access to saved searches in dashboards?

Instead of giving the user both the index access rold AND the kibana_dashboard_only_user roles, I tried to just add the index access roles to dashboard only roles in the advanced configuration (
. The result was the same, i.e. the saved search panel was empty.

Thanks for bringing this up, I think this is a legit bug. Filed

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