Kibana Privileges not work

After the upgrade of the Kibana 6.4, the widget searches does not work. Custom Read only User Can' read saved searches in dashboard. In managment security roles exposed "Kibana Privileges" read. How fix it?

Hey @1862347ba9566e72a47d,

Kibana 6.4 introduced the concept of "Kibana Privileges", which are recommended to be used instead of granting user's direct access to the underlying .kibana index. If you're using the built-in kibana_user and kibana_dashboard_only_user roles, everything should work transparently without you having to make any changes.

Are you using a custom role with read-only access to Kibana? If so, it's recommended to assign the "Read" Kibana Privilege to the custom role.

Would you mind elaborating upon "the widget searches does not work" and perhaps including a screenshot?

Found on the githab that this will be decided in the release 6.4.1

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