Kibana: Minimum Permissions for saving the queries for a dashboard

Dear Team,
We have a role in Kibana that provides the read only access to a dashboard under a tenant (with tenant permission for the Role as Read Only).
With this current role, users are not able to save the search queries on Kibana Dashboard

We have a need to allow users to save the queries. Currently, we have implemented this change by modifying the tenant permission for the role to "Read and Write".
However using this approach user has broader write access and can modify certain objects that we do not want.

Is there a a way to set the least minimum permissions on the role to allow only the save of queries?

Please refer the attached images for

Screenshot of dashboard save query

Screenshot of the tenant permission

I tried searching on the Kibana documentation but could not find it.

Could you please assist me on this?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Kunal_Sharma

Kibana does not have the concept of Tenants.

Based on your screenshot, it looks like you are using a third party plugin or an alternative distribution of Kibana that has this Tenant functionality.

If so, you'll unfortunately need to contact them for support of this feature, as it's not something that we are knowledgable in.

Hello Corey,
Thanks for your quick feedback.


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