X-Pack Security and Kibana Dashboard

(MJay) #1

This is related to the access permission for the Kibana dashboard. When kibana user has the read only access to the .kibana index the Edit link in the Dashboard needs to be disabled/or shouldn't be displayed. Currently user can click on the Edit link and can edit the individual visualization/s and it is only during the save action the permission error will be displayed. So instead of waiting till user tries to save the visualization, and seeing the error message, it is better the disable or hide the Edit link on the Dashboard page so that user doesn't go through this flow.

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Disabling write access to the Kibana index for the Kibana system user is not a recommended configuration right now. Restricting a user to pure read-only dashboard access is something we are working on and about to release quite soon.

(MJay) #3

Thank you. I mean only the Dashboard user without able to edit any of the visualizations from the dashboard.

(system) #4

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