Can we combine the results of two visualizations in Kibana?

Hi guys, I want to combine the results of two visualizations (currently they are line graph and vertical bar graph) and save it as one object. Please tell me if it's possible or not? If yes, then how can I achieve this?


We don't have a way of doing that yet but if you are looking at building visualizations which can refer more than one index pattern - you can try Kibana lens or TSVB.


Actually, I don't want to use more than one index pattern, but I want to combine two visualizations created using one index pattern only.
For more clearance, in one visualization I am showing how many test cases passed/failed for a particular feature, an in another visualization, I'm showing the number of total test cases we had for a particular feature and the pass/fail percentage. So, I want to combine these into one visualization only. I have already tried adding these to a single dashboard but I don't need them separately there too.
Please let me know if there's a way of doing this.

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