Can we display TSVB Gauge in default color without any documents/value being populated


We have created multiple TSVB gauge graph to show the health of the infrastructure using the filter ratio aggregation however few gauges are displaying in green with 0%(document being generated in ES) and few gauges are showing no color with 0%(as there is no data related to this aggregation in the document)

Is there any option to set the default color of the TSVB graph to green all the time irrespective of whether data is there or not ? please advise :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Shaiju_Sam, I'll try to help you, but firstly could you please paste here the style options from your TSVB?

Hi @Marta_Bondyra , thank you for your response.
We are basically trying to get the failure ratio calculated against the total requests. the numerator is the failure field (documentsearch_failure in the below screenshot) and denominator is the log groups taken from AWS.

Since there is no failure field in the document for failure scenario, the gauge shows no color however we are looking for an option to show the gauge in green by default.

Please note this is a AWS managed Elasticsearch and Kibana we are using. Any help or suggestion would be great, thank you!

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