Need to segregate the colors based on the condition (Percentage) in TSVB Gauge chart

Hi Team,
we are trying to apply the conditions to get the colors based on values under TSVB Gauge ---> Panel options.
We are not getting as expected mentioned in screens below.
For ex... if percentage <75 then we need RED Color
else if percentage >=75 then expecting other color like GREEN Color


Hey! Can you share your configuration with me (screenshot on the panel options and data options). I assume you are using a percent formatter right? Which version of kibana do you us?

Thanks @Stratoula_Kalafateli for response..

Here, we are using ELK Version : 8.5.2 and Custom as Data formatter.

Please find the requested screenshots below

Also tried with Data Formatter as Percent, still issue exists as below.


Try with 0.75 instead of 75.

Exactly you have to set 0.75 here.

Thanks @hendry.lim, it's working now...

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