TSVB Gauge showing 0

Fresh recruit here so pardon any "user error", but I'm trying to set up an ELK stack with the new 7.8 version to monitor a problematic server. I've set up built in dashboards with Metricbeat, but upon viewing the Host Overview page, all of the metrics built with the TSVB gauge show 0% across the board.

Using the discover page, I can view data correctly coming in under the same fields. Interested, I built my own visualization with "gauge" (not TSVB) and it worked just fine using the same fields. Further pressing, I created an exact copy of the TSVB gauge. Here I noticed that the Time Series function seems fine. All others show 0%. Interestingly, when I look at the time stamps for correct data in Time Series, and compare that to Table feature, I see Table pulls 0% values from completely different time stamps.

I realize this is a convoluted issue, but I've never had this while I experimented with previous versions of Elastic, and wondered if anyone else has seen something similar.

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