Metric and Gauge Shows Zero Only In TSVB

In TSVB, the time series graph changes when I add metrics and aggregations in the Data Tab, but the Metric and Gauge does not change and remains 'Zero' only.

Kindly Help!

Everything in TSVB is on an interval, although the UI hasn't always given you a clear indication of this. I believe based on your screenshot that you are looking at a longer time period, but that in the last 24 hours of the time period there were 0 unique requests. In 7.4 and later there is a toggle in the Options setting to "Use entire time range" in TSVB, instead of using only the latest bucket.

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Thanks for the reply @wylie , yes I am looking for a longer time period and I'm using the version 7.3.0. Will see if I can change the interval or Can I?

It is a workaround to change your TSVB interval to a much larger value, if that's what you're asking. The button to switch from the interval to the entire time range is in 7.4

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@wylie thank you :slight_smile:

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