Can We Filter Data at the Chart-level in Visual Mode?

In the Discovery Mode, I know that we can create a query (e.g. type: http) to filter out data before building visualizations. However, I do not want to do that. I need the unfiltered data.

I want to create a Data Table in Visualize Mode with its 2nd column to display count where Attempt = "Failed". No. of Failed Attempts is subset of Total No. of Attempts. Can we filter data at the chart-level in Visual mode?

Session # Attempt
1 Failed
1 Failed
1 Passed
2 Failed
2 Passed
... ...

Total No. of Attempts: count of Attempt
No. of Failed Attempts: count of Attempt where Attempt is "Failed"

Session # Total No. of Attempts No. of Failed Attempts
1 3 2
2 2 1
... ... ...

Hi @Zany,

If Total No. of Attempts and No. of Failed Attempts could be rows instead of columns, you could use Filter aggregation to show the data you want, like demonstrated here: Data table visualization with custom aggregation query.


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Thank you for sharing the reference. You did answered my question on whether we can filter data at the chart-level. However, I need them to be columns instead of rows, because transaction records will be populated in rows.

Do you think scripted fields will help in my requirement?

I don't think this is supported currently, but can be tracked here. Also there is a chance that a 3rd-party kibana-enhanced-table plugin can do what you want.

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