Can we hide _source field on Kibana landing page?

(Sunil Chaudhari) #1


Is there any way so that we don't see _Source on Kibana discover page and instead we see message field?

(Lukas Olson) #2

You can find "message" in the "Available Fields" column on the left, and click "Add". This should hide the "_source" field and only show the "message" field in the list of results.

(Sunil Chaudhari) #3

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your reply. However I want message to be shown by default when I click on discover tab.


(Lee Drengenberg) #4

There's an Advanced Setting which defines _source as the default column to display, so you can change that;

Columns displayed by default in the Discovery tab

(Sunil Chaudhari) #5

Hi Lee,
is that available in Kibana 4.0?

I couldn't find that. Can you direct me to that setting?


(Lee Drengenberg) #6

Hi Sunil,

No, I'm afraid that's a recent new feature.

Looks like it's only in 5.0 alpha1 and later.

Sorry for getting your hopes up. But I think it is just what you're looking for.


(Sunil Chaudhari) #7

Thank you all for help.
I will wait for this release. :slight_smile:

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