Can we make values of variable as columns in datatable

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Suppose i have a variable called status of my Incident. Its value can be open ,closed,resolved,reopened .(pic below)

Now can i refactor the datatable such that list of available terms in status like Open , Resolved etc. are shown as columns and get their respective count as values under those columns?

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I'm not sure if you can make it so that each term has its own column. But you can make a chart visualization so that each term has a row. The left most part can be the term and the right part could be the count.

You can then add more filters. As you add more filters it will add more rows.

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well thanks for the reply ,but that doesn't work because eventually the scenario might end up the same .

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Hi @Manoj_13,

the data table can not yet be configured like that, unfortunately. There are requests for a pivot table visualization which should be able to achieve that. Please add your vote to the linked issue to give more weight to the request.

There is a way to get a similar result with the heat map visualization though. If you put boardName.keyword and status.keyword as Terms aggregations on the x- and y-axis respectively and turn on the "Show Labels" option, you would end up with a table-like visualization like the following:

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