Can we map a point in timelion graph to the exact document(s) in Discover tab in Kibana?

(Eman Zaman) #1

Can we map a point in timelion graph to the exact document in Discover tab in Kibana?
For e.g. can we map it to its document id on the graph itself where we can show the ids corresponding to a point in timelion?

I am using Kibana 5.6.8

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @emanzaman, if you add a Timelion Graph and a Saved Search from Discover to a Dashboard, you can use the timefilter that Timelion creates when selecting a specific time-range to filter the documents and determine which ones are for a specific point in time.

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@Brandon_Kobel Thanks for quick response :slight_smile:

(Eman Zaman) #4

@Brandon_Kobel It is not working for the case when I am comparing data for two different days using timelion (offset in query) because it's resetting the time window for the saved search as well. Is it possible to avoid the time window reset in Dashboard?

(Brandon Kobel) #5

@emanzaman unfortunately, it isn't at this time. Feel free to open up an issue it our GitHub repo for how you'd like this to behave.

(Eman Zaman) #6

I already raised one on the repo

But it was closed as a non-issue. :expressionless:

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