Is there a way to see the data used in a timelion chart?

I've got a dashboard which shows, in theory, the same data via a timelion graph and a table. i believe the filters are the same but i'm seeing different results. Specifically, the table shows no data where as the timelion graph shows the presence of data. i think the timelion data is incorrect.

is there a way to see the query the timelion components sends to elastic and the data which is coming back?


Hey @bf31415, there isn't a very user intuitive way to do so at the moment. The Timelion application isn't integrated with the "Inspect" functionality in Kibana. Timelion performs the ES queries in a different manner, and then does some of it's own calculations on the data to give you the result. The "normal" Visualization will give you the option to Inspect them, and this will show the requests and responses. If the normal visualizations appear to be returning the correct data, it's most likely a bug with Timelion, which would be great to report here.

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