Issue with Timelion

Is it normal if I am able to see the documents I recently created in Elasticsearch in the Discover tab, but it is not to graph the parameters in Timelion? I can see these fields in Kibana Visualize graphs, though.

I am using the new 6.6.0 version running in KDE Neon (based on Ubuntu 18.04)

Hey, it is. Timelion by default will remove partial buckets. For example if we have buckets evenly spaced by 30 minutes, and a remaining bucket that only contains 15 minutes worth of data timelion won't show it.

The trim function in timelion can be used to override this (.trim(0, 0)

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Thank you for your answer. I have just tried it, but I had one error:
Timelion: Error: in cell #1: args[0] must be a seriesList

Is this a signal that I am ingesting the data incorrectly?

Hm. Does something like .es(*).trim(start=0, end=0) work? Can you share your current query?

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It works the way you say, but does not show any documents (even if I can see them in Discover and Visualize). Here some screenshots if that can help:

I finally managed to plot the graphs in Timelion, it was due to Timelion not catching the right timestamp, I had to specify it:


Thank you for your assestment!

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