Can we monitor other server health in kibana

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How can we monitor different servers in kibana and display all the utilization the heap memory utilization ,disk utilization and load for the servers we want.
Please tell how can it will be done.

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Since I didn't want to provide half baked answer, am tagging our monitoring lead - Chris for more through answer. @pickypg - any thoughts ? Also you can collect any kind of stats they want with Metricbeat, and see dashboards for different kinds of server products in Kibana provided by the Ingest team...Have you tried this approach?


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Hi @amritesh_mishra,

The current approach to Kibana monitoring requires that Kibana monitors itself, then report to the associated production Elasticsearch cluster. This happens for you by default automatically as long as monitoring is enabled and data collection is enabled for that production Elasticsearch cluster.

As @rashmi noted, you can use a tool like Metricbeat to monitor the Kibana system process more generically and routing that data wherever you see fit for some additional statistics, but those will be disconnected from X-Pack monitoring.

As evidenced in some of our recent Metricbeat pull requests, we are collectively moving toward a Metricbeat-only solution that would monitor Kibana (and any other stack component), then ship all of the data to the same place. But unfortunately we're not there yet, so both tools / systems can be used in conjunction for the time being.

Hope that helps,

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