Can we use Filebeat with ssl and logstash netflow module?

I use Filebeat with netflow input and send logs to logstash. So far so good but then I try to setup the logstash netflow module and now some issues appear. First Filebeat sends logs over TCP and logstash netflow module uses UDP. How to do? Here is the command I use for running logstash with the netflow module:
./bin/logstash --modules netflow --setup -M netflow.var.input.udp.port=9002 -M netflow.var.elasticsearch.hosts="localhost:9200" -M"X.X.X.X:5601" -M netflow.var.kibana.ssl.enabled="false"

I have already tried to replace var.input.udp.port to this var.input.tcp.port but if I do that Logstash ignores my configuration and listens on the port 2055 with UDP.

My second question is if my first issue is solved can we use SSL between Filebeat and Logstash Netflow Module because I didn't find a field like var.filebeat.ssl.enabled in the documentation?

any help

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