Can you incorporate the Uptime dashboard into Canvas?

If so, how ?

Want to add this view with various filters to fine-tune the display into Canvas pages.

Hi @zx8086, thanks for getting in touch!

If you want to add the information you see in this page to a Canvas page, I believe the best way of seeing which queries are done and customising them as you wish is to use the "Inspect ES Queries" feature.

By turning that setting on, you will be able to see exactly what queries each one of the elements in this page is doing, and then customise the query to suit your needs.

To turn on the "Inspect ES Queries" you can go to "Stack Management" > "Advanced Settings", and in the "Observability" section of settings, you'll see an "Inspect ES Queries" option to turn on.

Once you've turned that on, save your changes and go to Uptime again. There, you'll see an "inspect" button on the top right corner, which will allow you to see all the queries this page is executing so that you can adapt and replicate them using the Lucene query syntax instead, which is what the Canvas will allow you to use. You can also use ES SQL (Elasticsearch SQL: Query Elasticsearch Indices with SQL | Elastic) if you're more comfortable with that.

By the way, you will have to make sure you change the data source on your canvas to search for ES documents.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, this will do. I was hoping that you can already embed the Uptime Visualisations as most of what we wanted is already pre-built.

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