Can you search for swagger files

Hey team,

At confoo MTL here. An attendee has this question on sitesearch.

We want to ingest swagger and markdown files in our developer portal and use elastic to enable searching. Is that possible?


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Hi-ya! Is the desire to ingest swagger and markdown files into Site Search by using the Crawler? If so, Site Search may not be the best solution as it's specific to crawling and indexing HTML & PDF content.

Knowing more about their specific use case would help us to point them in the best direction. :slight_smile:

Hi Mike,

You've answered my question. Sorry for being vague originally but the actual use case we are thinking of using Elastic for is our developer documentation portal. Or docs are in markdown and swagger files and I was wondering if Elastic should be hooked into the md/swagger files or wait until we process them into html.

So it looks like the answer is to wait until after we process the docs into HTML before setting up search.



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