Caniuse-lite is outdated. please run next command npm update


I have installed enhanced table plugin and restarted my kibana. it is showing the error message as
caniuse-lite is outdated. please run next command npm update.

Is there any extra coomands i need to execute to work this plugin.

kibana version is :7.5.0
enhanced table version is : 1.9.1_7.5.0

I think you're referring to the 3rd party ?

I would recommend logging your question there for better visibility.

cc @fbaligand, any ideas :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


First, enhanced table does not use canius-lite directly.
Maybe indirectly through kibana core services.

Then, the error/warn messages you get is because whole kibana code + enhanced table plugin is “optimized”.

I invite you to remove optimize folder and plugins folder and start again kibana to regenerate optimize folder only with kibana core code. I think that you will get the same error/warn messages.

Last point, up to my tests, these are only warning messages, not blocking errors. I mean that kibana finally starts and works fine, no?

Thanks for looking the issue.

Kibana is not started. i have installed node js and updated the npm in caniuse-lite folder. even though it is showing same as outdates run next command npm update.

removed optimize and plugin folder. eventhough am getting same error

If you get the same issue, with no plugins folder, it confirms that your problem is not tied to enhanced table.

That said, I’m quite surprised that it is a blocking error. I don’t reproduce it. I have only warnings.
Maybe you could open an issue on kibana repository?

When i resinsatll the kibana it is working fine. when i install plugin it is showing error again

Well, if you install kibana out of the box, remove optimize folder, and start kibana, do you get the same error?

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