Kibana failing to start because of incompatible plugins

running on ubuntu 20.04

After upgrading ES/Kibana to 7.14 kibana fails to start:

 FATAL  Error: Failed to initialize plugins:
	Plugin "enhancedTable" is only compatible with Kibana version "7.11.2", but used Kibana version is "7.14.0". (incompatible-version, /usr/share/kibana/plugins/enhancedTable/kibana.json)

I have removed the plugin from the install using kibana-plug remove but the error persists

there are no updates available for the plugin so how do I get kibana running again?

I can't disable the visualisations that use the plugin until I get kibana started -- looks like a classic catch 22!

On a random impulse I thought to check that the plugin was actually remove and found that plugin list listed it and I noted that the plugin version was different to the version of kibana. I then installed the same version of kibana as the plugin (7.11.2) and tried again

kibana@secmgrtst01:/home/rful011$ /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin list

kibana@secmgrtst01:/home/rful011$ /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin remove enhancedTable
Removing enhancedTable...
Plugin removal complete
kibana@secmgrtst01:/home/rful011$ /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin list

It still fails to remove it even though is says it has.

so it appears that the issue is that kibana is failing to remove the offending plugin and then dying when it tries to load it.

But wait! there is MORE

my attempts to remove the plugin were made as user kibana, when I executed the remove command as root it worked as expected and kibana burst into life. I remembered seeing a comment somewhere that one had to use sudo on linux because the packages install the file owned by root.

There is a bug where kibana-plugin fails to report when file delete fails. Classic failure to check return code. This is a real sin when you then report success without checking!

@jbudz - can you plz throw some light on this when you get a chance ?Thanks

Happy to submit a bug report with details if you point me in the right direction

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