Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error Plugin kibanaPrometheusExporter [7.17.0] is incompatible with Kibana [7.17.15]

I have upgraded Kibana to version 7.17.15 in our environment, but I cannot find the Kibana Prometheus Exporter version 7.17.15 on the GitHub page. I attempted versions 7.17.0 and the latest patch version, but encountered an incompatible error. Can you assist us in finding a compatible version for Kibana 7.17.15, as I couldn't locate a release for this specific version?

@pjhampton Could you please help.

Looking at the github of the project I don't think it exists.

Also, according to this issue this project will be discontinued in the end of this month.

Currently, our monitoring metrics are failing. Is there an alternative approach, or how can we resolve the issue and get them running?
@leandrojmp @pjhampton

Unfortunatelly I can not help as I do not use Prometheus to monitor Kibana, I use metricbeat.

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@leandrojmp Could you please provide me with the link or steps to monitor Kibana using Metricbeat? We are exploring alternative approaches as we currently use Kibana Prometheus Exporter for all our servers.

This is documented, you can follow the documentation

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