Unable to Build Kibana Prometheus Exporter Plugin

We have consistently encountered errors related to plugin-helper while attempting to build the Kibana Prometheus Exporter plugin. Please advise.


Hi @Domnic_Raj_D,

I'm sure @pjhampton will know better as he owns the plugin, but have you tried using the 7.17.1 plugin version rather than 7.16.3 to align the plugin with the major Kibana version you are using?

I also see the repo is read-only so it is probably no longer under active development.

Hope that helps!

I came across a GitHub link that indicates the project is being sunset, and I couldn't find the Kibana Prometheus Exporter plugin in the latest release, 7.17.15.

Here is the link to the GitHub issue for your reference: https://github.com/pjhampton/kibana-prometheus-exporter/issues/344

As part of our recent upgrade to the ELK stack, specifically adopting the hot-warm-cold architecture on version 7.17.15, we encountered challenges with the Kibana Prometheus Exporter. Despite our attempts to install the plugin, we couldn't locate a release specifically designed for version 7.17.15. Unfortunately, other available versions are not compatible with Kibana 7.17.15.

Pete Hampton shared the 7.16.3 release link and suggested building it ourselves. When attempting to build it, I encountered numerous errors related to the plugin helper. The plugin helper was pointing to the Kibana source code, and even after copying the Kibana source code, I am still facing issues.

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