Kibana development - migrate/upgrade plugins from 7.3.x to 7.9.x

I have custom plugins that are compatible with Kibana 7.3.2 . And usually moving from one version to another is not that hard (especially if it is not a major release).
I have read that for version 7.9+ there is a new architecture called "New platform".
Also I saw that legacy core will be obsolete from version 7.10.
My question is:
Can we easily make our plugins compatible with 7.9.x? .. and then to plan to upgrade them to the "New platform" or we have to upgrade to the new platform if we wanna use kibana 7.9?

Thanks in advance

Hi @tsvet. You might want to read the Platform Migration documentation for migrating your plugins to the new architecture. I believe some legacy plugins can still work in 7.9, but I strongly suggest migrating to avoid conflicts.

Ok, thanks @nickpeihl .. yes, that is clear but we are planning to upgrade our ELK stack and I just wanted to know which version to choose (based on our plugin compatibility).
Is there a chance to ask someone from your team about this topic?
Based on the plugin compatibility we can choose 7.9.x or 7.6.x.

We don't have resources to migrate all plugins now(immediately).


Hi @tsvet. You might consider joining the Elastic Community Slack to ask your specific questions. The Slack group has Elastic employees as well as other community plugin authors who may be able to assist you.

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thanks a lot @nickpeihl

Legacy platform support is dropped in 7.10. Your legacy plugin may still works in 7.9, but it mostly depends on the platform / plugin APIs it was consuming, as some legacy APIs were already dropped in 7.9. I would just start a new instance with your legacy plugins to see if it works properly.


thanks a lot @Pierre_Gayvallet let us give it a try .. but we have many plugins .. it is going to take some time

@Pierre_Gayvallet so if we wanna use the legacy architecture we need 7.8, right?