How to update a plugin to a newer yet unsupported Kibana version?

I am trying to update a plugin (SigmaUI by SOC Prime) written for an older version of Kibana (confirmed working on ELK 7.5).

The plugin does not work on ELK 8.X+ (because the way plugins are handled was changed in ELK 7.10 I believe and it wasn't backwards compatible) and probably needs to be changed at the source code level.

Where can one learn how to update plugins to a newer but unsupported version of ELK?

@pritster5 The Kibana source code migrated to a completely new platform structure in the 7.x series, so you are correct that the plugin will need changes at the source code level.

The exact changes you'll need to make depend on the original plugin implementation so it's best to work through the guide.

In the new platform, all of kibana's core functionality (Hapi server, HTTP services, logging, saved objects, etc.) are exposed from src/core, which other plugins use for their implementations.

There should be quite a few older posts here that discuss the migration but of course, feel free to reach out again if you need to.

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