New plugin on previous version on Kibana

Hi, We are running on production version 7.0.1 of Kibana, and we have a request to create a new plugin.
While we were trying to use the plugin kibana generator on the dev environment, it looks like we are able to create plugin only on the latest version of Kibana.
Is it like that?


To develop a plugin for a specific version you will have to checkout that version of Kibana e.g. git checkout 7.0. The 7.0 branch has a script to generate a new plugin

Please note that a Plugin written for 7.0 will not work with Kibana >= 7.10. Since 7.0 is no longer supported I would highly recommend that you upgrade and develop your plugin against 7.10. Plugin's developed for 7.10 are also much less likely to break when you upgrade to another minor in 7.x.

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