Kibana 7.7 Generated Plugin causes kibana to fail

Hi guys,

I've been having issues with getting kibana to startup after installing my plugin. I generate the plugin using the kibana plugin generator. I went through all the steps on github and generated my plugin.

However when I install the plugin into kibana and try to start up kibana, i get the following error:

My kibana version is version 7.7.1, any idea of what i can do to fix this?

How are you running Kibana? If you are running from source, did you run kbn bootstrap and follow the instructions at

I did all that, when I generate the plugin it generates a plugin for me. I run into the issue when I take the generated plugin and install it into kibanas latest release of 7.7.1. It installs the plugin but when I try to access Kibana in my browser it gives me this error message.

When I previously generated plugins for version 7.6 I didn't face this problem.

You will have to generate a plugin from 7.7. Plugins are not compatible between minor versions of kibana.

Sorry I wasn't specific with my last statement, what I meant was that when I was running kibana 7.6 in the past, I generated plugins for my KIbana version with no issues.

I recently migrated over to Kibana 7.7.1 and I did generate a plugin from 7.7 following the same steps as I had done with the plugin generator when I was using 7.6. Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Using kibana's source on github I generated a plugin for version 7.7.1 (checked out branch 7.7, ran yarn kbn bootstrap, ran node scripts/generate_plugin [my plugin name] and generated a plugin for version 7.7.1.
  2. I grabbed the plugin I just generated from the /plugin folder of my kibana source. Then I installed it into kibana 7.7.1 which I downloaded from the elastic site.
  3. I ran Kibana 7.7.1 after installing the plugin, opened it up in my browser and was presented with the error from my first post.

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