Updating kibana plugin to 7.13.3

Hello all,

First of all, I would like to thank this platform and all the volunteers for helping me getting to know Elasticstack and work with it.

My question is, I have a kibana custom plugin that I am using with version 7.9.2. I want to update my plugin to 7.13.3 which is the latest version. Now I have created the development environment for Kibana 7.13.3 and created the plugin with the same name as my plugin is using generate_plugin script under scripts folder.

I checked online for solution on how to update kibana custom plugin but couldn't find anything relevant. there were solutions for updating regular plugins. Can anyone please guide me?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

maybe our documention could help you: Migrating legacy plugins to the Kibana Platform | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Thank you @Marta_Bondyra. I appreciate your help.

Hello @Marta_Bondyra,

I read the documentation from the link above, I feel like that is to migrate my plugin to Elastic platform. My plugin is already compatible with Elastic Platform, in fact I am using it right now with version 7.9.2. I just need to update the plugin so that it would be compatible with version 7.13.3.


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